Thursday, March 1, 2012

Flashback: Barbara Walters and her Co-hosts Engage in Antisemitism

The entire Jewish world reacted with shock, disappointment and anger after the hosts of the view gave Deborah Feldman a platform from which to spew her anti-Semitic poison, without challenging her on her outright lies and contradictions.

But this was not the first time that this ABC daytime talk show has engaged in open anti-Semitism. On January 21 these same co-hosts laughed and made fun of Jewish woman on a level unheard of. Barabra Walters and the other ladies were laughing their guts out while discussing Jewish ladies.

For more read this story:

On today’s edition of the anti-male hag-fest, “The View,” Barbara Walters and her fellow co-hostesses engaged in a vile, anti-Semitic discussion with actress/comedienne Susie Essman. The stuff they said about Chassidic Jews–calling the women ugly, saying they have bad taste in clothing, have “weird,” “bizarre” customs–would never be tolerated if they substituted the word “Muslim” or “Black” for “Chassidic Jew.” I am not a Chassidic Jew–but since most Chassidic Jews do not own TVs and don’t waste their time watching this mindless garbage, I am the only one who noticed apparently.
The discussion took place in a segment featuring unfunny comedienne and actress Susie Essman, who appears in HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” She was on the show to promote her appearance in an upcoming CBS movie, “Loving Leah,” about a Lubavitch Chassidic Jewish woman who marries her late husband’s brother, a handsome cardiologist. (It stars Ricki Lake, so you know it’s gonna be awful.)
Essman–who is nominally Jewish, like Sarah Silverman–began the discussion by saying that being in the movie she learned that Chassidic Jewish women have terrible taste in clothing, that they’re “weird” and practice “bizarre” old religious customs, and that they cover up and they’re ugly. “Have you seen what these women look like?”
... Barbra Walters said, “The way they dress, that’s related to Islam, right?” Hilarious. Um, the Jewish religion was around for centuries before Islam ripped off its rules from Judaism and Christianity. I suppose we got the Bible from the Koran, too. What a dummy. Remember this, the next time she does another one of her cockamamie religion specials (in which she sympathizes with HAMAS homicide bombers).
Sherri Shepherd, Whoopi Goldberg, and ... Elisabeth Hasselbeck laughed at her comments and agreed with them, saying nothing like, “Hey, stop your bigotry.” Walters didn’t object either.
To her credit, the only one who kinda sorta defended Chassidic Jewish women was Joy Behar, though she calls them “wacky.” “Well, they’re just like every other group of women–some aren’t pretty and some are.” To this, Susie Essman responded with a face and a noise indicating she thought they were all ugly.
It's no wonder that The View had the honor to be the first TV show to interview Deborah Feldman.


  1. though i thought deborah feldman made a fool of herself on the view, i don't exactly think that the view was at one with her i think it was more of a clinical interview on their part. it was just a curiosity. at the end of the interview walters actually did say that it was just deborah feldman's view and not to completely knock the hasidic community or something like that.

  2. . The stuff they said about Chassidic Jews–calling the women ugly, saying they have bad taste in clothing, have “weird,” “bizarre” customs
    You ought to be proud of this fact not complaining. Jewish people are not supposed to be like goyim. As women you dont seem to appreciate that.

  3. exactly, charles!
    we're not supposed to look like them!

  4. Charles, I understand the whole chukas akum argument, but there is no mitzvah to be ugly, and calling Chassidic Jewish women "ugly" is a baseless insult to an entire group of people.

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  6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We cant expect Ricky Lake and her group of shiksas which deb feld/berk/shpiel has now joined to have the same 'taste' as Jewish people.
    She has now started replying to you.

  7. "hag fest"? You can't criticize them when calling them hags.

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  9. I have seen the way European Orthodox Jews dress in New York. Can you please tell me why in the world they only wear black and dark clothes?? The Jewish women in other countries wear colorful clothes. Look at the Jewish women in Spain, Ethiopia, India and Nigeria-they wear beautiful fabrics similar to the Eishes chayil woman written about in Mishlei by King Solomon.