Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Peek Into Deborah Feldman's School Records

We were given the opportunity to see Deborah Feldman's school records from the years that she spent in Satmar. This is what we saw:

She came into Satmar for school year 1998.

Her first tuition payment was made 10/9/97.

Her name: Surie Berkovic.

Surie was, apparently, a bright student. She was considered a good writer and she was a very happy girl.

She was a troublemaker though and was fighting with teachers. Eventually she had to change class during secular studies. (Yes, she did get a secular education as well, as opposed to her blatant lies.)

On the intervention of her aunt, the principal, she became a teacher in Satmer Williamsburg on 9/1/03.
She left her teching job 4/15/05.

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  1. So you have joined up with FM about her. FM is much, much worse than she will ever be. She will be soon forgotten and doesnt write about the rebbe. FM is todays amalek, writing continuously against the rebbe and calling him by his first name. All the other blogs copy him even the frum ones thinking its true. He was a BT lub shliach and fell out with his rebbe. So he turned to be an apikorus of the worst kind. His blog daily is the biggest chillul hashem out. How can you partner with him