Monday, February 27, 2012

Bad Editing

Here is one of the many silly mistakes, confusions, lies and contradictions in Unorthodox.

Is Rabbi Zalmen Leib, the third son of the Satmar rabbi?

Or is he the youngest son?

I don't blame Deborah for this mistake. She spent most of her youth outside of Satmar. But it's very clear that the editors of this book did a terrible job. Simon and Schuster's goal was not perfection but sensation.

Talking about ignorance, here Deborah claims, strangely, that she identified her husband as an "Aroiny" by the hat he was wearing:


  1. im just thinking aloud......
    for a "heise zolly", zeidys girls didnt attend satmar school.....

    i wonder how satmar this family really is.....

  2. Haha... Never knew that only Aroynim have "Plachiga" hats....
    Another part, never knew that "90 percent" of ppl in Kiryas Joel are followers of Aron...

  3. I really don't know what to make out of it. after all she spent some years in the community, and well, I'll forgive her positioning reb zalman leib as the youngest of the siblings ,but to identify aroinim by their hat? is this meant to make the book more interesting? simply can't figure her out.