Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why we are Mad?

The outside world will never understand why we are so angry, why we feel so betrayed. Besmirching and belittling our community is one thing. Lying her way into a Simon & Schuster deal is also pretty bad. But nothing comes close to her betrayal of every Jewish woman in the whole world by taking our family values, that are so dear to us, and turning it into a joke.

Taharahs Hamishpacha is not a Satmar thing, it is not a Hasidic thing, it's not even a Modern Orthodox thing. It's not a rule that crazy fanatics came up with. It's something that comes straight from the Torah, our holy bible. The Bible prohibits sex between a man and a menstruating woman. Jews had been following this rule for thousands of years even before G-D gave them the Torah. Violating this rule is one of the worst things that a Jew can do. Even many Jews who don't keep Shabbos will not dare violating this rule.

Ironically it's one of the things in Judaism that makes being Jewish so great, especially for Jewish women. Tyra Banks, Oprah and many other non-Jewish celebrities reacted with so much respect and even a little jealousy when this custom was revealed to them.

Taharahs Hamishpacha protects us. This is why there is such a low divorce rate among Jews. (I will elaborate on this another time.) This is how we survived so much hardship, pain and suffering during our 2,000 years in exile.

Deborah, I'm offering you a deal. Admit in public that you lied, that you were money- and fame-driven and Klal Yisroel, the Jewish nation will, forgive you, and I will immediately delete this blog. (You will still have to deal with G-D almighty, but that's between you and Him.)

Deborah, I know that you are working tirelessly to sabotage this blog with the help of your powerful friends at Simon & Schuster and you might succeed, or not, but if you want my cooperation in this matter, repent, stop your vile and repulsive attacks against your brothers and sisters and admit that you were wrong.

As long as you continue basing us falsely you are fair game.


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  2. I agree with the views shared. thanks for its update.

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  3. I am not for one side or the other. But I feel there needs to be a line of open comunication so that you can work it out. Instead of what seems to me like bashing each other with words. Would G-d extend his hand to a sinner only to be turned away. No, he keeps on trying to win your heart with the love that he has for you sinner or not.

  4. why is this blog so focused on bashing this woman? move on. there are so many religions and so many views in this world. would go d promote any of this behavior. let it go!! its her life and her business if she did not affect you personally, why continue

  5. I have never kept a Shabbo, but would never even think of violating the rule. Mortgage Home