Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let's Be Respectful And We'll Win The Debate

I'm asking everyone to please be respectful to each other and not sink to the same lows as Deborah Feldman and Simon and Schuster. Our only goal here is: Let the truth be heard.

I apologize to anyone who inevitably became offended by some of my postings. I did not bash the Airmont residents or the OTD community, or anyone else. I love and respect each and everyone of you. From now on I will be more careful not to make personal attacks against descend into name-calling against Deborah Feldman because it defeats the purpose and because the truth speaks for itself.

I will freely admit when I'm wrong and I will gladly correct errors in reporting. This is a work in progress. We're working togather to expose a liar and a fraud and we depend on everyone's help.

Feel free to contribute information by shooting us an email. Our email address is info@deborahfeldmanexposed.com. We're sorting the information to eliminate confusion, and we try to clarify all the information, so please be patient if I don't respond or follow up on your information immediately.


  1. "I love and respect each and everyone of you"

    Thanks for the loving words just one question if you are so tolerant do you love and respect DF too?

  2. "descent into name-calling"

    should read descend, not descent.