Saturday, February 25, 2012

Is CNN Holding Back on a Deborah Feldman Interview?

Yossi Gestetner of emailed us the following interesting observation:

Why Isn't CNN Airing the Feldman Interview?
On Thursday, Feb. 16, Feldman tweeted that Soledad O'brien from CNN will air a recorded interview the next day, Friday, of O'brian and Feldman. Later, Feldman tweeted that no, it will be aired on Monday. Then Monday Feldman tweeted that CNN can't run it yet since her book was sold out.
But... Now that Feldman tweeted that her book is back on the shelf, we should expect CNN to run the interview. No? But for now I didn't see it on CNN nor did we get updated from Feldman when it will run. Is it possible CNN pulled the plug on this interview after noticing how much bull the author is selling? Is it possible that the interview is not being aired for the same reason Unorthodox dropped on Amazon from #5 to #54 #46 in less than a week while most other "top 100" on Amazon stay on the list for dozens and sometimes 100s of days? 
Maybe CNN will run the interview after all but for now it's noticeable that more than a week after taping, it was still not aired.


  1. "most other "top 100" on Amazon stay on the list for dozens and sometimes 100s of days"

    Crap. Gestetner obviously doesn't visit Amazon "top 100" list too often.

    1. By the way she is still in the top 50 after a dozen days ( number 37 as of today)

      And she is also number 7 on the new york times best seller list

    2. "By the way she is still in the top 50 after a dozen days"

      Which goes to prove my point about Gestetner not visiting Amazon's top 100 page too often...

  2. There is so much to be said here I don't know where to begin. From a technical standpoint I find it difficult to believe Feldman actually had an editor on this manuscript. The inconsistencies. the flat out boring telling of a tale that anyone with half a brain can recognize as more fiction then memoir, are the hallmarks of a "money maker" more than a work of literary excellence. Active imagination prevails here way over emotional honesty and truth.

    While I could sit here and pick apart story after story; including the complete idiocy of Feldman's complaint that she FELT invisible living as a Satmar and then CRAVED invisibility once she shirked her heritage(I intentionally use the word "heritage" here because clearly there isn't a religious bone in this child's body) I will abstain from this urge.

    I will only make one clear and definitive statement that I have yet to see discussed...

    Feldman states that she is aware of a gruesome murder... there is no statute of limitations on murder and unless she has called the police and reported said murder she is NOT a productive member of ANY society Satmar of Seccular!!

    I will not even bother to comment on the acts of pedophilia, of which she again, claims to be aware, and upon which she also remains silent. Sickening and Sad.

    1. In the book, she repeats the story as she heard it from her husband. As such, it is nothing more than hearsay.