Sunday, February 26, 2012

Investigative Journalism by Shmarya Rosenberg Reveals Major Lie in "Unorthodox"

I was about to start working on exposing this lie, but Shmarya Rosenberg was not sitting idle, and here is a great piece of investigative journalism, that might force Simon and Schuster to pull the books. It's one of the most devastating exposes to this date, but I suspect that we've only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Feldman claims her mother left home when she was a small child. But is it true? She also claims her mother "abandoned" her family without ever saying that Feldman's mother left with Feldman's younger sister – a sibling Feldman pretends does not exist.

Feldman writes:

And when my mother left my father for good, Chaya took control of me too. She decided that I would live with my grandparents, that I would go to Satmar school, that I would marry a good Satmar boy from a religious family. It was Chaya who, in the end, taught me to take control of my own life, to become iron-fisted like she was, and not let anyone else force me to be unhappy.
So when did Feldman's mother leave Feldman's father "for good"? On July 30, 2010, when Feldman was about 23 years old, her mother Shoshana Berkovic posted a review of her divorce lawyer on Citysearch.

Note what she wrote:

I had been afraid to start applying for a divorce because I thought it'd be incredibly stressful and expensive. Seven years after I left my ex-husband I finally got the courage to go to a lawyer. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the cost was actually pretty affordable, and that it was a relatively quick and easy procedure. Mr. Perskin explained what had to be done, and gave me what I needed to fulfill the requirements to apply for my divorce. I didn't have to wait as long as expected for the divorce to go through either; I was expecting to get the divorce document at the end of August, and here it is only the end of July! I would definitely recommend Brian Perskin to any of my friends here in the city.
 Feldman claims to be 25 years old. Her mother wrote that when Deborah was 23, meaning her mother left "for good" when Deborah was 16. If you add one year for what her mother describes as a "relatively quick" divorce instead of what would appear to be a process that took several weeks, Feldman was 15 when her mother left.

What's the age Feldman tells her readers she was when her mother left?

The copy on the flap of her book says Feldman's mother "abandoned" the community when Feldman was a toddler. This is is supposedly why Feldman had to live with her grandparents.

Someone here is lying – Feldman or her mother.

Except her mother wrote her review long before the book was written, and she had no motivation to lie. And several people claiming to have known Feldman as a child support Feldman's mother's timeline.

Then we come to Feldman's claim that her mother abandoned the family. Shoshana Berkovic left, to be sure, but she did not leave alone. She left with Feldman's younger sister – a sibling Feldman does not admit exists.

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  1. You dont allow anything to be written for her. At least FM does.
    You know very well there is a lot of truth in her book. Just providing a few or even many lies wont change that.
    How about defending what is true in her book.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You are talking about an aircraft carrier? What's it called? USS Shmarya?

      Ben Bag Bag. You are doing a horrible job, I must tell you. I don't know why you are defending her and I don't care. You have no idea what kind of emails I get every day from Jews and non-Jews alike. The damage she had caused is irreversible.

  3. rs. what took u so long? i figured out a while ago ben bag bag has no life

  4. I find it amusing that you're using Shmarya Rosenberg as a credible source.

    You're aware that Shmarya has way way way more on his site that makes frum Jews look bad than Deborah Feldman has in her book, right?

  5. You in the pro-Deborah camp, never cease to amaze me.

    1. You want me to focus on the truths in her book (if there are any.) So after she is spreading all these lies against us I should be the one fishing for truths in a book of fiction. I'm flattered but I will forgo on this honor.

    2. You argue that Shmarya is not reliable because he hates us. (Yeah, as if Deborah loves us...) To the contrary, he is the most credible source because he is anti-frum. Don't you get it? She is being discredited by her own peers!

    3. You believe that Deborah has the right to report rumor as fact and I don't have the right to challenge her, because it's a "famous rumor". So, you want me to give credence to something that doesn't make sense at all because there are some loonies who believe it.

    Believing a rumor is one thing, embellishing it is much worse! It's like reporting as fact that George W. Bush was actually piloting one of the planes that brought down the WTC.

  6. Well, it is crazy world when you have Shmarya Rosenberg and Hella Winston exposing lies of this unsophisticated liar D.F.

  7. Shmarya is going after her because she's a frummie after all, and she's making tons of cash, not him. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could shake a stick. He shouldn't be quoted here as a source.

    My humble opinion.

  8. Your facts don't prove much. It is possible her mother left her husband but did not officially divorce him until years later.