Thursday, February 23, 2012

We are making progress

When I started this blog, people told me it's a lost cause. We are too powerless to defend ourselves against the mighty media, against a such a powerful publisher as Simon & Schuster. But guess what, we are not winning yet, but we are making a lot of progress. We managed to force Deborah to admit publicly that she actually lived in "liberal" Airmont and not in "oppressive" Williamsburg, many esteemed writers jumped on the bandwagon and are now doing something no one did a 10 days ago -- they are doing some research.

People ask me, how come a big publisher like Simon & Schuster lent its name to such a  book? How come their editors didn't fact-check some of her idiotic fabrications? How come they sunk to such a low level? At first I believed that they were blinded by their hatred to religion. Now I suspect that there is another reason as well; a lack of professionalism at Simon and Schuster. Don't expect heads to roll though, they will probably try to sweep this scandal under the rug.

Most emails I get are very positive, although a few people felt that I am actually doing Deborah a favor by giving her publicity. Anyone who believes this should please Google search "Deborah Feldman". I don't believe that there is anything anyone can do to give her more media attention. (We definitely can't compete with Simon and Schuster for attention.) Now is the time to fight the lies and smears, and this is what we are doing here.

Moreover, the fact the they had to bring down my domains twice proved that they are not at all happy with this blog.

In any case the chapter is not closed yet. Deborah definitely didn't have the last laugh. That's for sure.


  1. where does deborah publicly admit to living in airmont?

  2. I reported her facebook page to facebook, because it's pure slander against the Frum Jewish WORLD. I was writing all last night, for at least 3 hours, and I was enjoying the conversation with the guy, and then Feldman knocked my off from her page. If she has a FB page, she has to take the good and truthful comments, but a guilty women, remains guilty, and doesn't want the truth written. I contacted the 2 people I was chatting with, they were for Feldman, now there are shocked. I was helping one man with his daughter's problem she was having, and then POOF, my posts were gone. I hope they wipe her page off today, she's a real sicko.

  3. Please have everyone report her Page on FB, and the will have to take it off, because of the slander against Orthodox Jews, and that's hateful, and not allowed!

  4. New blog provides a collection of columns and reviews that expose Deborah Feldman's lies.