Monday, February 27, 2012

You Are Welcome Deborah...

Last week we raised the question how Deborah Feldman was even admitted into Sarah Lawrence college without a high school diploma? The claims she made on The View and during other interviews did not make sense at all.

Now, there is a new report that she was only "admitted to a writing program through the Continuing Education division of Sarah Lawrence. It does not require transcripts or even a high school diploma."

Technically she was not a college student, and contrary to what she claims she has not been at Sarah Lawrence since 2010.

Now, about her claim that she has received a scholarship to study at Sarah Lawrence, we can now confirm that she did not receive any financial aid from nobody, besides of her loyal husband who did pay for all her bills at Sarah Lawrence.

Deborah, your ex doesn't want his money back, but a thank you would have been nice. Instead you returned his kindness by putting a knife into his heart.

And of course, she didn't have to hide the fact that she is going (or not going) to college. Many non-Hasidic and Hasidic women in Airmont/Ramapo are college graduates.

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  1. Having actually read the book, deborah says she got into an adult education program at Sarah Lawrence not a BA program.