Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do People in Williamsburg Even Know Who Deborah Feldman Is?

Of course, now everyone does, but before she came out with her controversial book of lies, how many  in Williamsburg knew her?

Ms. Feldman claimed endlessly in recent weeks that everyone in Williamsburg spoke of the issues she had after the wedding. The only way to prove it wrong is to put thousands of Hasidim through a lie detector test.

However, the following video seems to show that Feldman has delusions of people’s interest in her.

Background: Back in 2011, a German TV station did a report of Hasidic Williamsburg. Earlier in the seven-minute clip, Ms. Feldman is seen driving around in her car to show the reporter how life is in Williamsburg. For typical media shtick, the reporter at minute mark 4:55, recorded Feldman walking down a street.

Now, of course, Feldman knew the camera filming was meant for her and thus she is seen looking around thinking that others notice that a TV crew is filming her. However, note how no-one around her gives a crap; No one even spits in her direction because no one knew nor cared of her personal issues. NOTE: You will likely get distracted by the German language used in the film coupled with seeing Rabbi Niederman on the split side of the screen. However, focus on Feldman’s delusions.

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  1. Davka driving through Williamsburgh on shabbos… Nice.