Monday, February 13, 2012

Did Deborah Feldman even live in Williamsburg?

The following is a letter to Deborah that we received from a reader:

Hi Deborah! I have a few points to address regarding your interview in the post. First, you seemed most upset about the extremes in the " farfrimteh satmareh" community in the interview, not the hassidic lifestyle in general. Yet your only option was to throw Judaism out the window? The blatant lies in the article make it hard for people to give you the credibility and validation you are looking for. I'm frum, orthodox, hassidic, yet I had no idea what the hell you were talking about with curfews, woven blouses, bathing suits etc. Couldn't you have just moved to Boro Park or Flatbush? The fact that you threw yiddishkeit away completely speaks volumes. Plenty of us frum hassidic people have great careers, aren't raped by our cousins, and have awesome sex lives (with the lights on and the nightgown off!) You will always be a Jew and we will always be there to welcome you back home.
Of course I'd love a response!
Take care,
A fellow Jew

For those who don't know, the whole story that she ran a way from Williamsburg is a total lie and one of her enormous amount of fabrications. Deborah Feldman was raised in Williamsburg but lived in Airmont, NY before she left judaism. Airmont is one of the most liberal Chasidic Jewish neighborhoods in the world! Airmont is the antithesis of Williamsburg. There is no dress code over there whatsoever, to say the least. Most of the kids in that neighborhood don't attend Satmar schools or any school that has a close resemblance to Satmar. She had the choice to live wherever she wanted and that's exactly what she did.

Enough for now. More later.


  1. Dear fellow jew

    It sounds like youre upset that Deborah Feldman put all jews in the same category as willi satmer are you buying her stories? do you think this is the way satmer people have sex? do you really believe if you live in willi you have to wear woven blouses and there are curfews and a certain type of bathing suit? well then Deborah achieved what she wanted ! I live in willi wear what I want and whichever bathing suit I want eat out in restaraunts and can roam the streets 24 hours if i choose to and there are no bunched up nightgowns and fumbling under blankets as for satmer school its a private institution and if youre within their walls yes you have to do as told but then agian nobodys forcing you to send there willi has alot of other more liberal schools available its a free country just like anywhere else. We do have to stand up to Deborah Feldman but we also have to stand united and make our message crystal clear if some are extreme they do so because they want so just like the idiots who tattoo and peirce up their bodies its a free country and everyone can choose the way they want to live

  2. dear FJ
    lights on is asur al pi Shulchan Aruch. No need to falsifcifate our laws in order to make them look better. we are very proud with our torah even if some outcasts out there dont seem to like it.

    1. Foreplay is permitted to have the lights open..

  3. She obviously is not 100% normal! Her mom abandoned her when she was young (she left the faith) and her father was mentally ill. Even if she was Christian or atheist she would have done something like this (divorce, rebel, write a lie of a book)
    And she says she was undernourished?!! Her pictures prove otherwise AKA: OBESE. I don't agree with Satmar women shaving their heads for one reason: because even though most of the girls accept it with love and enthusiasm it's not worth the risk of losing one person who is unstable. She couldn't deal with it bc she already felt low and abandoned... So imagine adding a SHAVED HEAD?!! Chasidim are cool yay.But they do have a very unique way of thinking which 99% of people would render as oppressing. They need to calm down, and she needs to also. Google search "pearlperry reich" a mom of four married to an abusive man for years, but when she cried for help her parents and rabbis told her to stick it out bc divorce would be a a shame to the community. Ultra orthodox need not hide problems rather address them! Deborah Feldman could have went off the derech and watched movies and be modern. But to go wear mini skirts and eat crab and not keep shabbat? IN FRONT OF HER SON? She is selfish and a retard. She deletes any post on Facebook that questions the truth of her book. This book was a way to get out her sexual frustration and it may seem gross but she probably enjoyed it (sexually) just like some freaks enjoy drawing naked people.

  4. Dont fool yourself. chasidim are happy and enjoying life just like any other people out there. nothing feels oppressing if you are born and raised with it. not to mention when you are convinced that your'e doing the right thing. chasidim live together in large communities so they dont even feel out of place in day to day life.