Thursday, February 16, 2012

A letter to Barbara Walters and ABC

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To the Hosts of The View,

I am shocked and appalled that you would host Devora Feldman on your show when I think that you know, and if not I am here to tell you that most of the things in her book are blatant lies. You took one "Jewish" woman and let her air her dirty lying laundry on national t.v., a sure sign of "Jewish" anti-semitism.

I grew up in the same hasidic neighborhood of Williamsburg and also moved out to Monsey. I am a hasidic woman who does drive a car and I do attend college online and know lots of other Jewish men and women who attend colleges whether online or on campus and none of us are shunned by our community. I am currently going for an associates degree in court reporting with my Satmar education being more than sufficient in as much as I even made the Dean's list last semester.

As to the driving fact, I would invite you to come to Boro Park, Monsey, Flatbush, Queens or Lakewood on any given day and check how many Jewish women are driving. We are all part of the community and our kids attend Jewish schools. At the same time, you can come into any Jewish community after 7 p.m. and you will see lots of women and girls on the street. We are not locked in our houses after 7 p.m. We attend weddings, parties, go shopping and meet up with our friends.

Devora, I can tell you one thing. I really feel bad for all that you went through in your childhood, however there comes a time when you have to let go. Blaming it on Jewish laws and customs will not make it easier on anyone.

As to not knowing who Barbara Walters is, compare the success rates in the Jewish community to any other community in the world. Our children grow up with a fine education, not on a fourth grade reading level and they feel very secure when they get out in the real world. They have plenty of other things to entertain them besides watching all the violence and garbage on t.v. and on video games. They read books, play board games, interact with their family and siblings and so on. While I am not saying that there are no problems in the Jewish community, it is much less than in the outside world.

I am personally very happy that Oprah's interview aired before yours so that hopefully the world will get to see how nice it is to be a Jew and not the dark side that Devora is trying to persuade everyone about.


  1. I don't believe for a second that Deborah didn't know who Barbara Walters is. She watched TV and didn't know who Barbara is. Come on, give me a break!

  2. YasherKoach for standing up for Truth!!!!!!

  3. I agree! I think you should check out all of the women drivers who still live in the communities of New Square, Kaser, Williamsburg, and KJ.

    1. Ben Bag Bag, you obviously don't live in any of the listed places... Of course he was being sarcastic.


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  6. The View is nothing to be proud of being on.
    The hosts, as well as Barbara Walters are not women
    to be respected. I do not look for them to be my role
    model in life nor should any self-respecting woman.

    ABC, The View and Barbara Walters spout their VIEWS
    at viewers who CHOOSE to watch their idiotic hen party
    show. Women of intelligence do not watch that garbage or
    at least have the brain cells to turn it off or change the channel.

    As far as Deborah Feldman and her book I did not live her life.
    There is ALWAYS more than ONE side to a story. Was/is she a well-placed, ripe victim of the liberal media out to make money off her story? You bet, but at some point people need to be wise about their decisions. I think she saw this book as a way to change her life no matter what is true or not true in her book.
    Just like on TV and in movies (even the biographical ones) creative license STILL happens. Do we know what kind of final say she had in the final manuscript? No, we do not.

    This book was about ONE persons life no matter how true the account is or is not. If people really want to bring to light the truth or THEIR truth about Orthodox Judaism or even JEWISH in general, then get out there, write a book, do a television series on PBS or cable, start a publicity campaign to educate people. Blaming this one person is not only myopic but LAZY. Be the CHANGE you want to SEE. Stop bashing another person and DO SOMETHING to change how people see Jews in the USA and ALL parts of the world.

    WE can ALL sit and gossip and complain about somebody else, but it takes a brain and intelligence to do something positive and worthy of praise by your fellow human being. Sitting at your computer and knocking what somebody else has done to hurt your religion or way of life is like yelling at the TV during a football game - highly ineffective and serves no real purpose. Get up and do something if you want to see change in how people see and view Jewish People. Complaining is not achieving anything in case you have not noticed.

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