Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jewish Women Vs. Non-Jewish Women

This following piece was sent in to us by one of our readers. Our email address is

This following piece was sent in to us by one of our readers. Our email address is

Ms. Feldman said in the NYP interview that right before she got married she learned she was made (to be used) for sex.

Well Ms Feldman, it is not the Hasidic Community that creates and publishes America's Top Model; Miss America; Sports Illustrated and all other shows, magazines, and contests that make women to be nothing more than candy for the eye and brains of horny men.

It's not in the Hasidic Community that women have peer pressure to have the best body when walking at the beach, because your average Hasidic women does not walk on the beach, (and when she does, she would out of self-respect be ashamed to look like a whore). It's not in the Hasidic Community that women need to implant silicone in order to be looked at or respected.

In the Hasidic Community, women are loved and respected for their values; for being the core-stone of the family; for helping with money by taking a job if time permits; for taking care of their bodies in reasonable ways; for dressing elegantly and for being a fun partner behind bedroom doors.

In contrast, to the world that is now embracing you with interviews and media tours, non of the above is much relevant. If you don't have what to show, no-one will look in your direction much longer. That's exactly the reason why you have to make up stories about having a Skype boyfriend in New Orleans, in absence of a real loving man. In a non-Jewish world you are nothing but an unattractive girl that has to convince the NYP that she is Kardashian-esque. I'm sorry to break it to you but you are not a Kardashian, to say the least, and the typical non-Jewish boy is not going to fall for you.

Any non-Jew who has more brains than the primitive Pilgrims who believed Jews needed blood for Matzo, would love, would just love, to have our way of life. If you doubt it, take a look at Oprah. She is still in awe of what she saw in our Community.


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  2. Is she a Kardashian or isn't she? That's howI low you are going with this? You sound almost like berkwitz, A little class

  3. Devorah,

    Take it from a guy, you're not the "best lookin" Woman out there. Sorry for objectifying, but, i know amongst my friends that you would not be their first pick. Get a good Therapist, you seem to have had a traumatic upbringing. I know whats its like

  4. One more question. Why is it that when someone "gets out", "goes off", "leaves the fold" etc, the topic always revolves around sex? Ah finally, now i'm free i can do whatever i want. Is that really all there is to life? Sex? You talk about how sexually oppressed you were, and how the orthodox world objectifies Women, and yet, you run towards a World that has destroyed every vestige of humanity that a Woman has. Evey sense of self. Instead using them as sex objects. Do you know how many lives have been destroyed by sexuality gone astray; porn, models, etc.? I do. On the other hand, I also do know many Men(many Chasidim) and Women, Jews and non-Jews, who are doing whatever it takes not to allow themselves to be ruined by sexuality and immorality. G-d Bless them all and G-d Bless you too. Whatever path you choose in life, I pray that G-d be with you and that you get the help you need to live a serene life. Amen

  5. yoelish, not that i care much, but you're ruining the purpose of this site and validating Deborah's claims...

    1. Cha, Yoelish isn't validating Deborah... even though he talks about objectifying. Probably because he's a BT and knows the thought process from the other side. Rather he's pointing out how wrong she has it but at the same time recognizes that she's just a human that's made a very bad mistake... he's extending love to someone that mocks his way of life. Honestly he has a great perspective because he can disagree with her and yet see her humanity.