Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Letter to Deborah from a Former Neighbor

Dear Sura Devoira Berkowitz, (aka. Feldman) (I WONDER why you are using your ex's name?).

For those unfamiliar with the Orthodox Jewish lifestyle, listen to what TYRA BANKS had to say.

1) You keep Kosher at home for your son, what a joke, do you think, you can fool him? I feel terrible, for your Son, and husband, as far I remember he tried his best, to make you happy, quote “MY EX-HUSBAND IS SO MUCH LESS RELIGIOUS NOW. HE CUT HIS BEARD SHORT, HE WEARS JEANS” but you had other plans in mind from the get go, quote “WHEN I MET HIM, I WARNED HIM”, besides the point, who ever knows you, is well aware that you always tried to be “in control” by any means possible, and would cry and make threats to try to gain the upper hand. You can pretend to be the “victim” in a paper article or a monologue video posting only.


3) You LIED about the restrictions in the community, if eating out is FORBIDDEN, then how do you explain all the Kosher restaurants in and around NYC, how many times did your husband take you to Kosher eateries, as far out as LONG ISLAND.

4) You LIED about Jewish sex rules, quote “THERE IS AN ACTUAL RULE that you learn before you get married, that you are never supposed to look at genitalia. YOU CANT LOOK AT YOURS, AND YOU CANT LOOK AT HIS” Once again you lie about YOUR religion, THERE IS NO SUCH RULE IN JUDAISIM, maybe you were not paying attention in KALLAH CLASS, or perhaps you were reading one of the FAKE Jewish books you crafted, quote “I got this cheap paperback, I think it was “Little Women,” and tore off the covers so you couldn’t see what it was, and I would insert it in my Hebrew textbook”.

5) You can LIE to the secular world about “YOUR” people but anybody who is slightly familiar with the customs, or has anything that resembles a BRAIN between their ears, sees right through your fabrications.

6) Finally how DARE you use innocent Leiby Kletzky, to further your VILE cause in a poor attempt to drum up sales of your Fairytale (make that witchtale).

I hope and pray that you go for HELP which is very obvious, (even to strangers who have never met you), that you so desperately need.

Your former neighbor, and (always) your friend.

P.S. you can LIE to all, but a select few, including myself.


    I am shocked and appalled that you would host Devora Feldman on your show when I think that you know, and if not I am here to tell you that most of the things in her book are blatant lies. You took one "Jewish" woman and let her air her dirty lying laundry on national t.v., a sure sign of "Jewish" anti-semitism.

    I grew up in the same hasidic neighborhood of Williamsburg and also moved out to Monsey. I am a hasidic woman who does drive a car and I do attend college online and know lots of other Jewish men and women who attend colleges whether online or on campus and none of us are shunned by our community. I am currently going for an associates degree in court reporting with my Satmar education being more than sufficient in as much as I even made the Dean's list last semester.

    As to the driving fact, I would invite you to come to Boro Park, Monsey, Flatbush, Queens or Lakewood on any given day and check how many Jewish women are driving. We are all part of the community and our kids attend Jewish schools. At the same time, you can come into any Jewish community after 7 p.m. and you will see lots of women and girls on the street. We are not locked in our houses after 7 p.m. We attend weddings, parties, go shopping and meet up with our friends.

    Devora, I can tell you one thing. I really feel bad for all that you went through in your childhood, however there comes a time when you have to let go. Blaming it on Jewish laws and customs will not make it easier on anyone.

    As to not knowing who Barbara Walters is, compare the success rates in the Jewish community to any other community in the world. Our children grow up with a fine education, not on a fourth grade reading level and they feel very secure when they get out in the real world. They have plenty of other things to entertain them besides watching all the violence and garbage on t.v. and on video games. They read books, play board games, interact with their family and siblings and so on. While I am not saying that there are no problems in the Jewish community, it is much less than in the outside world.

    I am personally very happy that Oprah's interview aired before yours so that hopefully the world will get to see how nice it is to be a Jew and not the dark side that Devora is trying to persuade everyone about.

  2. Fortunately for us, many people virtually worship Oprah. Halevei, we should have such reverence for our Gedolim! Oprah's opinion about Hassidim, and by association, all frum Jews, will last far longer then Deborah's 15 minutes of fame.

    There will come a time when she'll realize she looked great in the photo of her with her husband and son, and awful in that blue dress in the NYP. And that she's like a lost child.

  3. Devorah, this is so sad. Really sad. You are so bitter and trying to grab at anything you could think of. But Devorah, its not me, its not orthodoxy, its not the Jewishness. Its YOU. YOU need help. And its available out there. Theres no shame in reaching out for help. Theres alot of shame in NOT calling for help. Fortunately for you, there is always repentance available and so you are not lost. Theres an open road out there for you. Devorah move on. You are never gonna be happier here. You can ask all who have already tread that path.

  4. Hi Devorah, and those who critisize her.
    Devora didn't claim to be perfect, she had many problems because she grew up without parents and within a family with problems, and she needs to get help. The problem is that people are more cocerned about the way they are presented to the world and don't try to change the injustice in their society, such as condemning the arranging a marrige of an ill person (such as Devora's father) with an healthy one and recompensing it by money. Is this a lie too? The basic problem in this comunity is that there isn't an orderly system that can help the less fortunate ones, such as real police, mental health care suitable to them.
    The Satmar in Israel are anti zionists, but atleast they can get proper mental health care adapted to their customs. They have social workers, and judges that put murderers in jail, arrest phedofils, and abusing parents or husbands.
    Devorah brings up many problems that exist in those communities and aren't being treated properly.