Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Deborah... If You Know Something Say Something

Deborah Feldman knows information that we are not privy to. She knows about some horrible crimes that are going on within the Jewish community - that no one in the world knows about - but she chose to not go public, or to go to the district attorney with the information. She knows about rapes and murders but she is not telling anyone.

Deborah, to hold back such information makes you an accomplice in the crime. Please read the following statement from a reader:
Feldman states that she is aware of a gruesome murder... there is no statute of limitations on murder and unless she has called the police and reported said murder she is NOT a productive member of ANY society Satmar of Seccular!!
I will not even bother to comment on the acts of pedophilia, of which she again, claims to be aware, and upon which she also remains silent. Sickening and Sad. 

Another reader, eleni_aus has the following observation:
We have not read the full coroner's report and such decisions are not reached lightly. IF, as indicated, he attacked himself with a chainsaw, it may indicate intense self-loathing, deep depression, and/or an episode of mental illness.

For the poor family to have to be so publicly reminded of this tragedy (and even accused however obliquely of being perpetrators) is so very, very sad.

The use of a chainsaw, though unusual, is not altogether unknown: An elderly man known to me attempted suicide by attackng his own person with a chainsaw. He survived due to rapid medical attention. He had been extremely depressed by his increasing level of illness and disability with age (he died within 18 months of natural causes).

People's memories of their childhood can be distorted and inaccurate even when they are not intending them to be so ... we remember through our own individual lenses and in a way 'create' our own childhood and adolescence.

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