Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lying to Gain Sympathy

She was allowed to drive, work and go to school, yet she was oppressed. Her husband begged for her to marry him saying he can handle her, yet she was forced to marry him. She read all these love and sex books, but had no idea what sex means. She gave birth to a baby, yet she was never told how to have sex.

Deborah Feldman's lies and contradictions are so ludicrous that it makes someone wonder how drunk the publishers of Simon & Schuster were when they agreed to lend their name to her book.

You might ask, what's the purpose of a book that doesn't have a shred of truth in it? The answer is, lying to gain sympathy and making it official that she is a model, by having Simon & Schuster publish her fantasies.

We'll debunk all of her lies, one at a time.

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