Monday, February 13, 2012

Deboreh Feldman, Just Another Puppet of the Liberal media and its anti-religious agenda

We are not surprised. Yet, we are dismayed. We wouldn't expect anything better from a publisher that is part of the CBS Corp. but we are shocked that such a terrible offense against hundreds of thousands of loyal American citizens is endorsed and promoted by those who are supposed to be politically correct and and who purportedly fact-check the claims in their news stories.

Deborah Feldman's book is poorly written, full of stupid lies and crazy-talk. (i.e. the father who sawed off the genitalia of his son to prevent him from masturbating.) The book is a mirror of Deborah's messed-up life. Yet, a prominent firm like Simon & Schuster chose to publish it. Why? Because this book serves its anti-religious agenda. It's time for religious American people to wake up and realize that we are under attack from the left.

On this blog we will expose all of Deborah Feldman's lies and do our best to defend the religious community that she is besmirching with the help of anti-religious groups in the United States. We will reveal that Deborah Feldman is a fraud, that she is being used as a puppet by the anti-religious left to fight religion in America.

Stay tuned...


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  2. Like many kids, devorah is a victim of abuse. Struggling, she decides to leave her community. Like every religious enclave, be it modern orthodox, yeshivish or hasidic, there are customs and traditions that seem bizarre to an outsider. It's easy to bash religion and customs when ignorant. She paints a dark picture of uneducated and closed minded people, when the reality is very different. Yes, there are issues and problems that need to be addressed, but that my friend, you have in every culture...

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    2. you sound angry. why are you so angry at the hasidim?

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  3. Fact, huh! Nice.

    How would you convince the Twerskys and multitudes of other Chassidim worldwide, who have become successes careerwise, through their intellect, hard work and education, who are serving humanity in many arenas, some doctors, some lawyers, psychiatrists, judges, scientists, actuaries, authors, politicians, etc., that there is no value to Chassidism and they should abandon it and put an end to Chassidism, because HG dont like it ;) and its a fact? (Im ------ from laughter).

    There is no field in the US and beyond where Chassidim have not become successful, where the world at large hasnt benefitted from their brainpower and expertise. And this is with their 4th grade education, according to DF- ho ho. At the same time, they have no desire or interest or thought to leave Chassidism behind.

    Not all of any one kind of people, of any one religion, of any one country, etc are all bad or all good. Thats bigotry in the first degree, my supposedly enlightened friend. We're all, from diverse backgrounds, the same in that were all a mixed bag.

    And what do you do, my dear HG?

    Believe it or not the above didnt need that 150 or so member organization laden with social misfits and shlemazels to straighten out their minds and guide them in life and offer them vocational advice in addition to "everything goes" sex education, etc.

    Some do obviously. Once theyre out in the secular world all morals die for some and they seek to demoralize others. The cancer of immorality and the everything goes in the name of enlightenment mindset, takes over. Not with everyone though.

    Fact, huh! Nice. Who appointed you the last word?

    What did you say you do, my friend, HG? I can handle another laugh now I think.

    1. why does it matter what I do?

    2. Sorry, I was responding to Heshy Gelbstein.

  4. I'm so happy someone is finally revealing the truth. I'm so disgusted every time I read her outrageous lies. Women can't eat out. Hasidim don't wear seatbelts. In one place she writes that her sexual life was unsatisfying and in another that her husband was sex-crazed. She writes that her grandmother undernourished her. That's probably a Hasidic custom too right? She writes about her family sending her death threats. I live in the same community as she grew up in and miraculously I haven't experianced any of the so called oppression or abuse. I pray for her poor innocent little boy.

  5. It is sickening to watch decent talkshow hosts listen without verifying grotesque facts shared by DF. It is shameful.

  6. Narrow Confused Broken Devorah!

    Who will now care for you ever?

    Who will help you if you have Cancer? (Never to happen, but consider it in imagination)

    Who will run to you with help within 30 seconds when your Kid gets a huge deadly Cut? (Never to happen, but consider it in imagination)

    Who will sponsor your Child's Wedding, if you don't have your own?

    Who will watch that your Child shouldn't be surrounded with drug-gangsters, or sit in Prison? (Never to happen, but consider it in imagination)

    Who ? Who ?

    Yes! At the current time it sounds fun, a new and different life style for you.. You get some attention from people that are not interested in your personality, rather than meaning popularization they will get from the media etc.

    By the end of the story, it will be a sad one!
    The Truth will come out and you will commit suicide.. (Hope it wont happen, but i am writing out of experience with other fellows such as you)!

    I don't know the name of your little 5 year old. But, its a petty, heard breaking, really sad, when i look on your child's image to think "Oh Go-d where is his Yarmulka and Peius"..

    Hashem, Go-d in heaven! If we are not strong to help ourselves, then you do it for us! You know how we try, in such a difficult world, where every day another Person (Jew or not Jew) will try to rip us off "Only for the reason that we are devoted to you and to each others", help us go through these difficult times, for us and our children to step further following your rules until Mossiach will show once for all that Klal Yisruel is still alive!

    Heart Breaking!