Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Peek into the "Oppressive" Hasidic Society

To the publishers of Simon & Schuster,

Rather than exploiting a battered Jewish girl from a dysfunctional family, to present to your audience a distorted view on Hasidic Judaism, you should do what Oprah Winfrey did and actually visit the Hasidic community and speak to the "oppressed" people. See for yourself what Hasidism stands for. (I'm kidding of course. I know that the esteemed editors of S&S are not that gullible. They know very well that they are insulting the intelligence of their readers by presenting them a false picture, because it serves their liberal anti-religious agenda.)

I don't know why but I teared up while watching this following clip of Oprah's visit to a Hasidic family.
Perhaps it was guilt because I'm not as humbled and as perfect as this Jewish family. Watch this clip and look how unhappy, displeased and beaten up these Jewish women and kids are because they are not exposed to the outside world...
And here she is talking to Hasidic women who actually love and cherish their role in Hasidic Judaism:
I invite the media to come visit the Hasidic community, preferably during the night when curfew is in effect and any girl that is outside is shot on the spot.... (One of Deborah's crazy accusations, of course, is that Jewish girls are not allowed to go out after dark.)

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