Thursday, February 23, 2012

Open Thread: Deborah's Car Accident

Deborah Feldman says that she left her husband and Judaism after a car accident.

Some people wonder, what's the connection? Others know very well what the connection is.

Let's discuss this topic in the comments section.


  1. I believe she is trying to insinuate that her husband was to blame, and in turn she is insuating that it has something to do with the lack of responsibility in the Satmar community.

    I beleive she is full of hogwash!

    A. If you had issues with your tire, change it your freakin self! I know that if I am busy my wife can drive to the mechanic and do that.

    B.She was looking for excuses to get away from her husband (and Yiddishkeit)!

  2. enlighten us please.
    i dont get a connection @ all.
    imho, if something like that (car accident) happened to me chas vesholom, i would make some type of cheshban hanefesh....

  3. One reader sent this in email:

    "Rumor has it that it had more to do with the guy (or rather "guys") who was in the car, than with the accident itself!"

  4. According to what she writes in the book, she was already wearing pants and not covering her hair before the accident.

    And before anyone says that plenty frum women don't cover their hair, she also says she started eating treif after starting college. Before her accident.

    IMO, the accident was just an excuse to get out.