Friday, February 24, 2012

Deborah's Uncle Painfully Cries Out

After long and hard thinking I have decided to expose Deborah Feldman. No one knows her the way I know her, as that I am her uncle. My name is Izzy Berkowitz. I am proud to say her father is my brother. His name is Eugene. I am not ashamed of my brother; to the contrary I am proud of him.  I also have some of her emails which I will post and make available to the public which will give you an idea who this women is and what she is about.  Yes the emails have her address on them so she can’t lie.  This is what she does, lie and lie again, a bunch of pathetic lies.

I am not going to comment on her so called writings. Yes, I call them writing and not a book. It’s nothing more than a bunch of lies and trash. My only purpose and goal is to expose this vicious, selfish, self-centered woman and prove what a liar she is.

First and foremost her parents did not abandon her. She got into an argument and left. Her parents are both working class people; they have no mental issues at all.

Her mother is a teacher in the public school system and has a college degree. Her father does deliveries and supports himself independently.

At the time my parents took her into their home they were both in their seventies. They took her in and turned their house into her home. She lived as if in a hotel, coming and going at will. She liked the freedom.   My mother cooked her meals, washed her laundry and took her shopping. The list goes on and on. My father took care of her schooling and financial needs, to make sure she was happy and like any other child in our community.

Now let me talk about her aunt. Yes, I am going to give her real name as there is nothing to hide. Shaindy is employed by UTA, at the girls-school of the Satmar community. Needless to say it’s one of the finest Hassidic schools over the globe. Girls are taught values, as that is first and of utmost importance in our religion. Yes, I am very proud to say there is NO body piercing,  tattoos, alcohol, or sex prior to marriage.  There are no wild parties, drunkenness, or related social ills. Parents don’t have to worry where their children are; they always know their whereabouts. They don’t have to worry what the next phone call is going to be. This is our community and we are proud of it. 

This is the school that Deborah attended. Credit should be given to my wonderful sister-in-law Shaindy. She made sure Deborah had friends, attended school get-togethers and went on outings with other girls. Shaindy was constantly busy making sure everything went smoothly, that Deborah would not feel different than any other child, despite her family situation.

Now let’s move on to her getting married. Contrary to what she now says, she wanted to get married to this boy. It was her wish, not her grandparents, that forced her into this marriage. They only helped her and guided her through. Her former husband is a doll of a person . He did everything and anything for her but she never appreciated anything no matter what he did. She lacked happiness. Nothing was good enough for her, whether it was going on vacation or buying her a piece of jewelry. Nothing mattered to her; she was always moody.

Now let’s talk a bit about the money. Who paid for this wedding? My brother Walter and I paid $50,000 for her wedding expenses. My father has the checks and the bills to prove this. She went shopping day in and day out without hesitation or restriction. That being said, I am still waiting for the thank you card. But I know better, now, to not expect anything from her at all.

Deborah let me also remind you. We cared for you as our own. The very first year after you were married you joined our Chanukah party. I gave you a check just like I gave to my own children so that you didn’t feel left out.

Our family did everything and anything we could and we supported you above and beyond the call of duty.   My brother and I did not have to pay for your wedding, my parents did not have to sacrifice for you; They could  have sent you to a foster home. You have the nerve to get on The View, sitting with the “wise elders” Whoopee, Joy, and Barbara. Is there any wisdom coming out of The View, any knowledge, any value?  And you use that platform to make fun of the people who cared for you and paid for your upbringing at their old age? My mother survived Auschwitz, all alone at the age of 18. After the war she was floating between life and death, finally coming to this country all alone and raised a beautiful family. She was never on unemployment or welfare. To this day, each and every day she goes to a nursing home in the neighborhood in which she lives to help feed a sick and helpless human being. Shame on you for making fun of my elderly parents.

Now let me say in closing: Our community is thriving by leaps and bounds, our morals date back over three thousand years. You will not destroy this or any other religious community. Your writings will long be forgotten and the orthodox movement will still be going on.

There will be a day that you will have to answer for all the lies and for poking fun at my parents. I can assure that when that day comes, my parents are going to be there for you and will help you out in any way or fashion. We don’t retaliate. Just remember: Don’t you bite the hand that has fed you, the hand that will feed you.

From: Deborah Feldman [mailto:                       ]
Sent: Monday, August 08, 2011 8:31 AM
To: Izzy Berkowitz
Subject: Re: California

No I came back to NY because I got offered a job here. I start in two weeks. Until I get my first paycheck I don't have any money to move my stuff back or buy groceries or anything. I'm sleeping on a friend's couch now in Brooklyn. I don't expect you to help but I thought I would ask.

Hope you have fun in LA.

On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 5:03 PM, Izzy Berkowitz <IZY                    > wrote:
We will be going I”YH to LA at the end of August,  R U Going to be there. ??


  1. Dear izzy,
    U made me cry when u referred to your parents.
    Rabbeini Yoel used to say when we see a Holocaust survivor with the numbers tatooed, ask them for a brocha.

    Let leave everything to Hashem.

  2. wow! Talk about airing your dirty laundry in public!

  3. amazing! it sounds like she had a family giving her a lot.maybe she was just not happy of having that 'label' between peers as a girl with divorced parents and a mother who abandoned her..could be thats where all the hate and resentment stems from.and the community is very judgemental to others..i grew up in williamsburg too. i read her blog,also seems like she feels she missed out in she wasnt able to to use her talents in the ways she wanted...or given the oppurtunities!the truth is, that ppl-like your family ,you should never give up so easily!!even if they did not raise you the way you would have wished..(thats how i feel)but sadly,when u dont come from a stable home,you dont have that stability to stick with your family and make a life for yourself!i feel bad for her-cause i think when she had moved out of willi she was not restricted or suppresed anymore and her husband does seem like a guy that would conform to her wishes eventually, and she would have a loving modern jewish home and family.instead she gave up a good husband,ran into a lonely world-with just "friends" around her,and now feels the need to fill that empty she is going public and trying to become famous and make money with her book.!the main pity i have on her,is that she was never happy-moody like you say..and she is not realizing what makes a person i do wish her happiness,but if she doesnt achieve it-she can know she dumped it with her own two hands!:(

  4. If this is courage, I'd hate to see cowardice...

  5. this is exactly what Deborah was hoping to accomplish by writing the book, stir up anger in our community and be the center of attraction. I think we should all go about our lives and forget about her. She is a disgrace to our heritage and our belief and she is a pathetic liar. I personally know her wonderful aging grandparents and dedicated uncles and aunts who gave of themselves selflessly unconditionally and financially, and yet she has the audacity to mock them with lies and hatred like venom from a snake. I pray she has a speedy recovery and wakes up from this nightmare she has created for herself. I hope her son will one day see who really truly loved him and go back to his roots where he belongs

  6. Barbara Walters on the view can't be too bright, she too fell for Deborahs lies which made her misty eyed! Nebech on her a jewish girl herself. She and Joy Behar enjoyed mocking our jewish customs,and of course the audiance laughed, How disgusting and what a waste of time the show is. Immature ignorant show!

    1. You forgot to add anti semites to the mix

  7. im glad finally someone spoke and said something, the truth is we yiddeshe people knew what a lie and sham this was, but it is such a chilul hashem, esp. what is going on now. its not enough there is a threat hanging over our heads with iran and so many gedolim are very sick, we need this. i hope and pray that this is taken in to account and the one above in his infinite wisdom will bring moshiach, WE HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH!!!!!!

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    1. No. Actually she was known to everyone as Sura or Sarah Berkowitz. I guess she believes that Deborah sounds more professional. Feldman is her ex's name.

  9. A satmar man named Walter?Unheard of.